"Money makes the world go round", do you agree?

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  • Contemporarily, our lives are entirely focused on the money. I definitely do agree that money makes the world go round. The majority of people work long hours in order to to earn some more money than the national average when the others are engaged in such occupations which don’t demand spending a lot of time at work, and to make matters worse, they earn twice as much. Regrettably, as they say, “money is the source of all evil”. For instance, a shortage of money, may, in the aftermath, result in homelessness. Some of us work long hours so as to pay the rent and the tenancy, and it all adds to nothing as the amount of money that is left having paid the charges and the bills is insufficient to be able to live a decent life. On the other hand, when we have already accumulated some savings or have a highly-paid job, it enables us to effortlessly afford to buy an apartment, visit foreign countries, in general, to live a dignified live. Sadly, the division between the poor and the rich is unlikely to be changed, and if it wasn’t for the fact the rich treat the poor as they were in some way worse than them, the issue would be less complex.

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