Non-verbal communication, how much and why is it important?

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  • Non-verbal communication, contrary to appearances, is of prime importance. Such a form of communication is essentially crucial in every company that deals with customer service. It is actually used on a daily basis in order to contact with particular companies and clients. When a company is international, and has its headquarters in a number of countries, staff members primarily communicate by means of e-mails, telephones, and video conferences. What’s more, non-verbal communication includes the sign language, which is a terrific example of how significant non-verbal communication actually is. Non-verbal communication includes body gestures, facial expressions, also, it provides us with additional information regarding verbal communication.

  • Just a word of caution here: the status of sign languages as elements of non-verbal communication is questionable. It depends on the criteria you use to construct the definition of non-verbal communication. We can agree that gestures are non-verbal but what about signs? Signs are meant to replace words, so in this sense they are not non-verbal.

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