Risk-taking should be severely prosecuted.

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  • I am definitely not in favour of the idea that risk-taking should be prosecuted, however, it depends on what kind of risk-taking is taken into consideration. First of all, we ought to consider what kind of risks could be severely prosecuted and which ones should be allowed for us to settle. I personally believe that, if such a choice is only related to us, we should be able to have the right of a choice as the likelihood of adverse effects of our actions could only affect us. The case of risk-taking becomes a more severe issue when there are also our relatives to be involved and affected by the risks we take. I believe that, for instance, the extreme sports, when there is every probability we could suffer serious injuries or even death, ought to be completely for us to decide. At the other hand of the spectrum, there are some risks that should be severely prosecuted. They could include medical procedures that may bring about death or the consequences that will influence the standards of our lives.

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