Reading is an old-fashioned entertainment.

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  • I substantially disagree with the statement that reading is an old-fashioned entertainment. An increasing number of people decide between purchasing e-books, as we have entered the modern age, therefore, the paper books are being gradually replaced by brand-new technologies. Alternatively, an equally significant number of people pick traditional books over the electronic ones. The reason for that might be that reading books, that have been freshly bought, intensifies the pleasure of reading due to sensory experiences like the smell, the look, the touch. Moreover, reading might not be deemed to be old-fashioned as it is an activity that is required to be performed at work, at university, at school. We are obliged to get familiarised with particular terms and definitions. Last but by no means least, the activity of reading develops our minds, teaches us of proper grammar and punctuation, and when we are students of foreign languages, and read books in, for example, the English language, we have a chance to polish our language, and make it more natural.

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