Why do we tend to judge people by their appearance?

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  • First of all, the main reason for judging people by their appearance is a particular stereotypical pattern. A stereotype is an oversimplified, mistaken idea that has a considerable number of followers who only take into consideration how an issue presents outside. A proverb says: “you can't tell a book by its cover”, consequently, an individual should assess character traits instead of appearance. Some people happen to suffer from obesity as a result of differentiated diseases like, for example, thyroid insufficiency, and they do have difficulty in losing weight. Another issue of great importance is the LGBT community. Some (I would like to stress the importance “some” in my conversation” as generalising would be judging people by their appearance) of such people have a tendency to dress and look differently, and it’s a way of expressing their style, opinions, and their identity. Regrettably, the majority of the society is not able to comprehend what is behind those ideas, they do not accept it and criticise it, a human being should be governed by love, compassion and sensitivity.

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