Job interview, can we prepare for it?

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  • A job interview seems to be one of the events of prime importance in our lives, and it doesn’t actually make the difference whether you’re going to take up employment for the very first time or you’ve just been dismissed or decided to look for another job as, most of all, one could say it is required to be prepared for a job interview, otherwise, we might not get the job we have been applying for. There is a considerable number of ways to prepare for a job interview. First of all, the most crucial part of such an interview are the questions related to our knowledge, therefore, we need to be experienced, and knowledgeable in the scope of the field we specialise in. Moreover, there is a proverb that says: “fine feathers make fine birds”, consequently, we ought to attach great importance to our look. Our outside appearance reflect our personality, so we should attend the interview formally dressed. Last but by no means least, our character traits play central role when there are a number of candidates for the job. We should have our soft skills highly developed, be persuasive, punctual, devoted, and conscientious.

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