Write an e-mail to the Customer Service Manager at „Jewellery Super Store”.

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  • Last Friday, April 28th, you visited „Jewellery Super Store” in Brenton Boulevard, Fort Jackson (e-mail address: superjeweller@int.us) hoping to buy an expensive bracelet to be used as a gift for an important anniversary in your family. However, there was only one assistant in the shop who knew nothing about bracelets and could offer no advice. You finally made a choice without the help of the assistant, but when you wanted to pay using your credit card, it turned out the terminal was temporarily out of service. Your e-mail address is: ranger@up.west.us
    Write an e-mail to the Customer Service Manager at „Jewellery Super Store” and: complain about the situation, explain that it was to be a wedding gift for your daughter, inform that you lost a lot of time to get to the store, being a very busy person, you had to cancel some important arrangements to look for another jewellery store, which made you a great inconvenience, state you will never use the shop again.

    Customer Service Manager
    „Jewellery Super Store”
    2345 Brenton Boulevard,
    Fort Jackson

    From: ranger@up.west.us
    To: superjeweller@int.us

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing with a view to expressing my profound dissatisfaction with the services that your establishment offers.

    First of all, last Friday, on [the] 28th of April, I decided to visit your „Jewellery Super Store” as I had been looking for an outstanding wedding gift for my daughter. Additionally, your store was commended to me by one of my colleagues, consequently, I was more than certain I would be given professional advice and a high level of service. Regrettably, there was only one assistant who was not able to provide me with any technical details regarding the bracelet I considered to be of prime quality, and, in the aftermath, I made a choice without the help of the assistant. To make matters worse, I decided I would pay using my credit card, sadly, I encountered another issue, it turned out the terminal was nonfunctional. Last but not least, due to the fact I consider myself to be a very busy person, I had to cancel some arrangements of great importance, which made me a great inconvenience, and as a result, I lost a considerable amount of time to get to the store and purchase nothing.

    In conclusion, I feel genuinely resentful by the way I have been treated. Under no circumstances will I ever use the services of your store. As a recompense I demand an apology and an explanation.

    I sincerely do hope that you will give the subject your earnest consideration.

    I am looking forward to receiving your prompt response.

    Yours faithfully,

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