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  • Znany piosenkarz przeznaczył znaczną kwotę pieniędzy na cele charytatywne. Napisz artykuł na Szkolna stronę internetową w którym opiszesz co ta osoba zrobiła, oraz przedstawisz i uzasadnisz swoje zdanie na temat tego czy celebryci powinni przekazywać część swoich zarobków na rzecz osób potrzebujących. Od 200 do 250 słów. Bylabym bardzo wdzieczna za pomoc

  • In this short article, I am going to present my stand on what XYZ did last weekend. I know not all of you follow the story so I will give you a short glimpse into the whole thing. XYZ is known for her charitableness, he has helped people numerous times so far and this story is nothing different. Last week he was seen donating a massive sum of money to the American-Japanese Culture Association, an organisation often deemed as one of the most influential non-profit organisations supporting cultural exchange between Japan and America. This organisation has recently suffered a huge loss of funds because one of its major contractors withdrew their shares. The reason for this action is as for now unknown but XYZ does not hesitate to help people in need.
    This may not be a popular opinion but I think that celebrities are not always obliged to give their money to charity organisations. I also know that comparing average-earning people with celebrities is far from fair but we need to notice that every small action counts, no matter from whom it comes. I think that what matters here is not how much somebody donates but if she or he helps at all. Monetary help is not the only form of supporting people in a difficult situation, there are many other ways of doing so.

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