charakterystyka.Proszę o sprawdzenie czy to jest dobrze napisane.

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  • Fileas Fogg is the hero of reading Jules Verne, "Around the world in 80 days." From an Englishman living in London, he was not a typical Londoner: "He has never been seen in the stock market, in the bank, or in any of the City cantors. .
    Fileas Fogg was a handsome and elegant man, wore mustache and favors, he was about forty; he was an extraordinary gentleman.
    The hero of the book is a rich man, not wasteful, but also not stingy.
    "You could rarely meet someone equally self-contained." Mr. Fogg was a lonely man, without a wife, family, or even friends, a mysterious man doing everything with mathematical precision. Each day was scheduled for a minute.
    Even in critical situations, he kept cool, which proved his composure, intelligence and great courage. He never gave in to emotions.
    Fileas Fogg showed that it has many advantages; he always found a positive side in everything. He never showed it on himself, but deep down he was a really good, sensitive man.

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