Opisz dowolną chorobę w jezyku angielskim

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  • Opisz dowolną chorobę w jezyku angielskim

  • Jeśli to ma być dowolna choroba, to wybierzmy na przykład grypę (po ang: flu)

    The most common flu symptoms are:

    • high or moderate fever
    • muscle aches
    • headache
    • general fatigue and tiredness
    • sore throat
    • decreased mental capabilities
    • increased irritability
    • stomach ache

    Of course, it is important to remember than not all of the symptoms will be present when we are ill. A thorough medical examination is always advisable when we feel a little bit out of sorts. Flu is not the most severe illness but, if left untreated, it may be the source of many health problems in the future.

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